Saturday, December 20, 2008

We've been "tagged"!

Okay ... so the way that I understand this is that because our blog has been tagged, one of us has to list seven unusual (or at least heretofore "unknown") things about the person providing the list. And while I was not present at the time of the casting of the lots, apparently Lorinda believes that the lot has fallen on me to pour out seven shades of my soul.

You asked for it. So here we go ......

1.) Of all the things in life that we can fear ... bears, snakes, heights, public speaking, the dentist, my mother-in-law, your clothing becoming transparent in public while your abs are relaxed, singing the fourth verse at full crescendo in meeting when we were only singing verses 1 - 3 ..... of all the things that we can fear, I fear GRASSHOPPERS more than any other thing.

2.) I will never be so old that I will not absolutely LOVE being smothered in the comforting all enveloping HUG of a grandmotherly hug. (Nothing washes away the pain of isolation like a maternal bosom). I love quick hugs more than firm handshakes, and I envy watching the Europeans greet each other. It's a virtual production when Europeans meet, there's animation in the voice inflections, the embracing, the lips on the cheeks, the stand-back-while-you-still-hold-the-huggee and look at them with fresh appreciation before hugging them quickly again. Ahh we American's are missing something.

3.) I get a "high" when I get to participate in public speaking. I LOVE it!

4.) When I am done using a public restroom and see someone's discarded paper towels on the floor by the trash can ... I grab a fresh paper towel and use it to pick up the discarded paper towels and I clean up all of the towels on the floor so that the room is tidier than when I entered. (NOTE: If someone else is using the restroom, I abandoned this habit and just make sure that my own paper towel is properly discarded)

5.) If I wasn't professing, I would have Christmas lights, a REAL tree and 30 days of Christmas music preceding Christmas in our home.

6.) I am anxious for the end of the world. If it's this good here, can you imagine how much better God has planned it for then? (There won't be any handshaking in heaven ... it will be ALL hugs!) (DON"T get me wrong ... I don't feel READY for the end of the world)

7.) I love "lonely" music. The kind that makes me feel like I walking in complete isolation in the middle of Iceland with no other human beings for thousands of miles. The kind that makes me feel that I'm an audience of one in Carnegie Hall, and the music passes subtly past my ears and settles gently into my heart and becomes keen emotion. It has been said that music can stir the soul, but it can never feed the soul ... and so I always keep that in mind, but I still look forward to the stirrings of my soul through forlorn music.


Diana Clark said...

Dave - you're so honest, and I love you for it! Here's a hug, and don't be surprised if you're hugged to death now!

MrsRitzB said...

Thanks for doing that! :) Sending your whole family hugs across the miles.