Sunday, June 7, 2009

First days of Summer

We started summer this year with a wedding (Tim and Leona Hinkle) and watching Seth play baseball. Seth really improved this year as it was his first year to play. Layne came home for a few weeks so we took a weekend and went to Huntington Beach for a family get away. We stayed at a beautiful hotel across from the beach. It was a great weekend get away.


Deena said...

Great pictures in your recent posts! 'Twas nice seeing you the other evening at Otero's & very nice having Layne in our *last union meeting* yesterday. Appreciated her offer to take the pictures of our group =)) We'll miss all you SD folks!

Darla said...

So fun seeing your family here in Utah. Here is my blog. Its mostly my photography business blog but I put pics of my boys up often too. Hope your having a wonderful trip.